Here at Fall Protection we have more energy than a tornado in a trailer park and we are really eager to earn your business! We are thrilled that you would like to know more "about us." Just keep in mind that our company's focus is not about us, it's about the customer... That would be you.
We have tried to make our website fun and enjoyable to use as you shop for all your fall protection needs. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your shopping experience any better because we want you to be one happy clam!
Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions like, "What socks should I wear with the green harness today?" or "Does this safety harness make my butt look big?" You can reach us by e-mail, or call us Toll-Free at (888) 412-7289, or even fax us at (888) 353-8914. We WILL get back to you, as soon as we can!

The Company

Fall Protection is located in Edgerton, Wisconsin, and yes we're surrounded by cheese. But, behind the cheese, we're a company that cares about you. We stand behind all of our products with a 100% guarantee, because we know that we're providing you with great quality products. We ensure prompt delivery and excellent customer service. So what more could you ask for? A Mustang? A Yacht? Okay, Okay, but other than that?...nothing.

Doug Kotecki - Owner Guy

The main muscle behind this operation, Doug, has been in the safety industry for the past several years, so rest assured he knows his lanyards! He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelors degree in making people laugh and continues to use that energy in the safety business. He is also a connoisseur of Chinese buffets, plays the guitar, and is the acting President of the Madison Mushroom Club (Morels anyone?).

Luke Allsage - Sales Guy

Luke is the quarterback of customer service and sales. Need your hand held? Need to be left alone in a corner to ponder your fall protection needs? Either way Luke will work with you to find the right equipment for your job and help you in any way he can. Luke lives in rural Wisconsin and is an avid hunter and fisherman. In the event of a nuclear disaster, we'd probably all move in with Luke, because he could find us food. Just don't ask him about his Dad's ice shanty.