Miller Pivot Link

Upgraded Harness Getting the Job Done

Not that long ago a customer called in and ordered some Miller accessories for his new Revolution harness. He is a scaffold builder that previously used the ExoFit exclusively. But he switched to Miller

C-Slab Grabber

Grab This for Guardrail Safety

If one of your New Year's Resolutions is to say fun things and another is fall protection we've got just the thing for you.

Wind Energy Fall Protection

Gear Up for Windy Work


If you work in the growing wind energy industry we've got gear for you.

Safety Tips

Simple Tips for Working High


OSHA has a pretty comprehensive fall prevention campaign going. They've got big picture guidelines for overall safety at heights. I'd like to share a few simple thoughts on what you can do personally to stay safe while working up high.

Parapet Wall Anchor

Anchors for Rooftop with Parapet Walls

If you're working on a rooftop with parapet walls and need to avoid penetration of the decking, you've got some options regarding fall protection.

Horizontal Lifeline

Let's Get Horizontal

If you are looking to cover a large area of work and find connecting and re-connecting to your anchor points to be tedious, you should get horizontal - use a Horizontal Lifeline System. HLLs offer simple complete protection for big jobs at heights.

Harness Shoulder Pads

Harnesses to Help Shoulder the Load

Top 10

Depending on the job you're doing and how often you're doing it you probably need a basic harness. If you've got to wear fall protection all day it can be a real pain in the ...

Permanent Roof Anchor

Making a Commitment to Rooftop Anchors


A few weeks ago I told the story of my gutter cleaning needs. One of the things I mentioned was needing anchors for my three-peak, two-story home. You have a choice in how you tie-off for home rooftop work and I recommend making a long-term commitment.

EZ-Line Lifeline

Putting the Easy into Horizontal Lifelines


Depending on the length of the system, typical Horizontal Lifeline Systems or HLL's can be a pain to set up.  It takes at least 2 people to set up to make sure there are no twists or tangles. Taking it down is no easy chore either. Trying to make it wrap in a neat circle. Making sure you get it compact enough for easier storage. Undoing cable clamps and or trying to get it to release tension. There's gotta be an easier way.

Gutter Cleaning

Falls Not Necessary in the Fall


Two years and a half ago when I bought my house, I couldn't have been more excited about the mature walnut trees on the property. Now three autumns later I'm happy I have access to the gear I do.

Super Anchor Max Line

Give Rooftop Trips the Slip


Falls often occur on roofs because of trip hazards. Whether it is a loose shingle that has not been nailed down, a hammer someone set down, or the bag the shingles came in blowing around the roof.  The hazards are everywhere, and we haven't even mentioned your fall protection. 


Good Experiment: Acid Suits and Harnesses


Recently we received a question asking about a harness designed for acidic environments.  Here's what we found out.