Permanent Roof Anchor

A few weeks ago I told the story of my gutter cleaning needs. One of the things I mentioned was needing anchors for my three-peak, two-story home. You have a choice in how you tie-off for home rooftop work and I recommend making a long-term commitment.Anchors come in all kinds of shapes and sizes: hinged, post, permanent, reusable, and more. For typical home use, I think you should look at a permanent anchor.

Basically when you pick one of these anchors you are installing them under your shingles. Why would you pull up your shingles to fasten down these anchors? I'll give you two reasons:

One, you create a low profile anchor point for whatever job you or any other contractor needs to do on your roof. Not only are you safe while you maintain your roof but also anyone you hire to take care of problems can tie-off as well.

Two, when you install these flat metal anchors under the shingles (or tile), you keep moisture from penetrating your roof. The shingles protect the places you attach the anchor. Never worry about caulk failing or losing a cap from other exposed anchors.

Easy to install, inexpensive to purchase and durability to equal your needs, these anchors help you take care of your home. Choosing a permanent anchor means making a commitment to both safety and roof integrity.