Harness Shoulder Pads

Depending on the job you're doing and how often you're doing it you probably need a basic harness. If you've got to wear fall protection all day it can be a real pain in the ... trapezius. It might be tempting to leave a harness loose to make it more comfortable but a snug fit is one of the keys to keeping safe in case of a fall.

There are actually quite a few harness options for taking a load off your shoulders. Two factors help make a harness more comfortable through the shoulders area.

First, what the harness is made of - the wider and stretchier the material the less the should straps will dig into the muscles.

  • A harness like the Miller Duraflex Python Ultra has stretchable polyester webbing which has give without giving you aches and pains.
  • The Guardian Edge is built with wide shoulders that spread out the pull of the harness instead of digging in.

The second factor for easing trapezius trouble is padding of the shoulder straps.

Don't take the short cut of a loose harness or short change yourself when you're wearing gear all day. Instead, take a load off and make the investment in a few upgrades to have a more comfortable harness.

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