Horizontal Lifeline

If you are looking to cover a large area of work and find connecting and re-connecting to your anchor points to be tedious, you should get horizontal - use a Horizontal Lifeline System. HLLs offer simple complete protection for big jobs at heights.

-- If you've got a bunch of supplies to move up and across a large roof, you might get horizontal. -- If you've got a crew of guys working side by side along a stretch of rooftop, you might get horizontal. -- If you've got heavy equipment or tools that need more than one worker to haul into place, you might get horizontal.

One advantage is that there are the same basic components to a Horizontal Lifeline System as an individual set-up. An HLL spans between 2 or more anchor points that can span upwards of 100'. Some HLLs allow you to have 1 or 2 workers in Fall Arrest or up to 4 workers in Fall Restraint. Simply take one end of the cable or rope and hook it to an anchor point. Then string it to the other anchor point. Finally, hook your lanyard or SRL to the line, take out the slack with a tensioner, and you are all set. Now you can get horizontal and move without having to keep hooking and unhooking to the single person anchor points.

Keep in mind that HLL's vary. Always read the instructions. Make sure you check the instructions and abide by the Fall Clearance Charts. Never put more than the intended workload on the line and see if the line calls for an intermediate post every so many feet.

Horizontal Lifeline Systems are very convenient to use and offer an option for large areas when complex jobs would require a lot of hooking and unhooking of your safety line.