Parapet Wall Anchor

If you're working on a rooftop with parapet walls and need to avoid penetration of the decking, you've got some options regarding fall protection.

Whether you need a fall arrest anchor or a way to put up a guardrail there are anchors for that - even one that will do both.

French Creek Parapet Anchor - A single tie-off point with a rubber footed clamp for secure bonus it's made in the USA.

Guardian Parapet Anchor - Versatile anchor can be used as fall arrest anchor or can be used with others as a part of a guardrail system.

Guardian Parapet Guardrail Clamp - If what you need is a guardrail system this sturdy clamp will provide a means for setting up a safe environment.

All of these anchors work without penetrating a rooftop membrane or damaging a concrete deck.