EZ-Line Lifeline

Depending on the length of the system, typical Horizontal Lifeline Systems or HLL's can be a pain to set up.  It takes at least 2 people to set up to make sure there are no twists or tangles. Taking it down is no easy chore either. Trying to make it wrap in a neat circle. Making sure you get it compact enough for easier storage. Undoing cable clamps and or trying to get it to release tension. There's gotta be an easier way.

Take a look at the EZ Line System made by DBI-SALA. It's a ready-made system that keeps the cable wound up in a protective housing. Similar to the housings on your Retractable Lifelines used vertically. Just attach each of the carabiners to the anchor points like hanging a hammock between two trees. Crank up the right tension on the cable and you're all set. It comes in a 60' length and holds up to 2 workers in Fall Arrest. Best of all, the unit is compact enough to fit anywhere and only weighs 25 lbs.

So if typical Horizontal Lifeline Systems are a pain in your ass, the EZ Line might just be the answer you are looking for.