Gutter Cleaning

Two years and a half ago when I bought my house, I couldn't have been more excited about the mature walnut trees on the property. Now three autumns later I'm happy I have access to the gear I do.

The first year my happiness at the gutter guards was tempered by the stems that stuck through the mesh and caused a pile-up of leaves and nuts to form along the eaves. Since the house has three peaks and a two-story drop, I wanted to have fall protection to make this fall job fall-proof.

Roofer's kits like the Super Anchor Max Protection Kit or the French Creek RKB Roofer's Kit have the all-in-one appeal that make it simple for a homeowner that may not have experience with safety equipment like this. Even in my case where I needed to add a couple anchors to cover the span of my roof with its unique peak structure.

There are plenty of options for finding a kit that has what you need to help get your the rooftop jobs done efficiently and safely. You can choose between harnesses, anchor types and lifeline lengths to make a match to your specific roof.

All in all a roofer's kit is a straight-forward solution that keeps my heart out of my throat and my boots on the shingles.