Residential Roofing

New Residential OSHA Regulations


Fall protection in the world of residential construction is changing. What exactly are the changes and what can you do about it?

Harness Advice

The Right Harness For The Job


Finding the right harness can be frustrating. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine what will fit the needs of your industry. To make this a little easier, we’ve assembled a cheat sheet to get you started in your search for the perfect harness.

Harness Quality

Thoughts on Harness Quality


Harness quality can be a big issue with some individuals, and with others eh, not such a big deal. Here are a couple of talking points to keep in mind.

Tape Measure

Sizing Your Safety Harness


One of the most important aspects of buying a harness is the the size. A harness that doesn’t fit properly can cause a lot of damage... even death. Let’s take a look at how we can prevent this.

Harness Accessories

Safety Harness Belts and Other Accessories


I’d like to go over some common safety harness accessories. Specifically belts, padding, and lanyard keepers. Learn how these accessories work, and if they can help you.

Inspection Tags

Harness Inspection Tags


If you've got some funny little tags hanging off your harness, that's a good thing. Now, what the heck do they mean? Are they inspection tags or manufacturer's tags?

Heavy Duty Lanyard

Tying Off At Your Feet


One of the things commonly overlooked is equipment you need when tying off at foot level. Especially when it comes to connectors.

Cross Arm Strap

Over Crossing a Cross Arm Strap

How To

In most cases, over-wrapping is a bad thing. Christmas presents, Mummies, Eminem… whoops, wrong rapping. However, in the case of cross arm straps, over-wrapping can be a good thing. Learn how.

Rope Grab

How Rope Grabs Work

How To

A couple of months ago we talked about how a vertical lifeline works, but we really didn't address one of the most important components of these systems. The Rope Grab.

Garbage Truck

Fall Protection and Truck Maintenance


Throughout the last year we got several questions about establishing a fall protection system for workers maintaining various large trucks. Think garbage or other utility vehicles.

Cross Arm Strap

Awkward Anchor Points


Sometimes finding the right anchor can be a pain in the ass. You don't have a great area to attach to or your tie off point doesn't work perfectly with out of the box solutions. We have an unheralded and under-used anchor option.

Tool Bag Harnesses

Tool Bags and Harnesses


It can be tricky adding a tool bag into the mix when it comes to fall protection. We've got an easy solution.