Garbage Truck

Throughout the last year we got several questions about establishing a fall protection system for workers maintaining various large trucks. Think garbage or other utility vehicles. The problem in most of these situations is that the distance of the fall is usually less than 15 ft. and the only tie off location is at foot level which greatly reduces the fall clearance.

There is a solution though, even if it doesn't fit into most budgets.

The solution essentially creates an overhead anchor point that allows the worker to tie off to and increase the fall clearances to an acceptable height with the use of a retractable lanyard.

What is it? Well it's basically a giant moveable Davit Arm that would stretch over the truck.

The cost? These systems can run over $20K, so this isn't a one job piece of equipment.

However, if you are maintaining a fleet of trucks this might be a good solution. Especially when compared to altering structures and building entirely new systems into your site.

I know this doesn't apply to most of you out there, but we wanted to let you guys know that a solution does exist. If this is something you'd like to discuss please give a call.