Cross Arm Strap

In most cases, over-wrapping is a bad thing. Christmas presents, Mummies, Eminem… whoops, wrong rapping. However, in the case of cross arm straps, over-wrapping can be a good thing. Learn how.

Imagine your wrapping your cross arm strap around a beam hanging overhead. Now, you've got a six-foot cross arm strap, but you only need it to hang 2 ft. below the beam. Is this even possible? It is, and even though I'd love to sell you a 4 ft. cross arm strap, it is completely unnecessary.

Let's for kicks say that one wrap around your beam uses 2 of the 6 ft. of your cross arm strap. Before you send your d-ring through the loop or other D-ring, wrap the strap around the beam a second time. This way you now have an anchor point hanging 2 ft. below the beam.

The other great advantage to this system is that you are making the connection between the beam and the cross arm strap even stronger. Now only wrapping once, will give you the strength you need, but if Tim "The Toolman" Taylor is right, more power is better.

If you have any questions about this technique give us a call and we'd be happy to help you out.

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