Inspection Tags

If you've got some funny little tags hanging off your harness, that's a good thing. Now, what the heck do they mean? Are they inspection tags or manufacturer's tags?

Inspection tags can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer (You say tomato, I say cucumber.) Some companies may have a full inspection tag, which allows workers to keep a record of inspection directly attached to each harness. Other companies provide a page in the instruction manual for you to keep track of your inspections.

Both of these are equally acceptable. If you're Jewish… Kosher.

That being said, all harnesses should include a tag of manufacture which includes the date the harness was built. It also includes the serial and model number of the harness for you to properly track the harness through your system.

These tags aren't something you would base a purchase on, but certainly good information to have. I bring it up here, as a disclaimer of sorts to make sure you’re aware that you must inspect your harnesses regularly.

On another note… if the manufacturer's tag is missing you should take the harness out of service. You're opening yourself up to a world of troubles when you don't have a way to track the harness, and you have no idea when it was built. (Some companies, like Miller, have a strict 5-year replacement policy.) Make sure to check out your harness!