Tool Bag Harnesses

It can be tricky adding a tool bag into the mix when it comes to fall protection. We've got an easy solution.

Should you buy a harness with a belt or without a belt. One with a removable belt so you can slide your own in? There are two products that come mind when you talk about tool belts and fall protection. The first one is the Miller Revolution. The reason? The Revolution can be adapted with accessory tool bags that integrate seamlessly into the harness. It gives you plenty of options, but the separate bags can add up.

Instead, I recommend taking a look at the tool bag harness from Super Anchor. The good thing about this setup is that the tool bag is already integrated into the harness, so there is no guesswork on your end. The other great part about this harness is that it can be shipped for free, which helps on the cost, which is already attractively priced.

If you're looking for a harness that will accommodate a tool bag, take a look at the Super Anchor Harness before you make a decision. Got questions? We'd love to hear them.