C-Slab Grabber

If one of your New Year's Resolutions is to say fun things and another is fall protection we've got just the thing for you. Not only is the "C-Slab Grabber" fun to say but it is also a handy system to use in Guardrail applications.

Made for exposed concrete decking, the Guardian C-Slab Grabber will clamp on to decking up to 36" by turning the adjustment handle at the top. Turn the handle counter-clockwise until it is wide enough to fit over the slab. Then turn it clockwise until the slab clamp is secured to the slab.

When laying out the system. Make sure you keep the C-Slab Grabber's within 8' of each other. There are slots on the Guardrails the allow you to use 2X4's, 2X6's or cable horizontally to finish the system. There is also a toe board attachment that is REQUIRED to be used if there is a risk of tools, equipment, materials or other substances are able to fall to a lower level.

Once the system is set-up to the manufacturer's specifications it complies with all the Fall Prevention standards allowing you to have multiple workers covering a large area. The Guardian C-Slab Grabber is to be used as a Fall Prevention System only.

A great non-penetrating solution for installing guardrails when you're working on concrete decking, the C Slab Grabber is a simple solution for personal and equipment safety.