Miller Pivot Link

Not that long ago a customer called in and ordered some Miller accessories for his new Revolution harness. He is a scaffold builder that previously used the ExoFit exclusively. But he switched to Miller

when the Revolution came out with the pivoting hip points.

What are these "pivoting hip points"? It's called PivotLink Connection and from Miller's brochure:

  • Unique rotary design provides greater comfort in bending/mobility
  • Better ergonomic fit with unique hip rotation point
  • Independent adjustment of upper and lower torso
  • Provides attachment point for belts/tools/accessories

This first-hand review let us know the new Revolution is "just as advertised" and that the PivotLink Connection really does "keep the harness from binding in all the wrong places," which is good to know.

We always hear about the latest and greatest things all the time. Often in the end, they aren't much different from the original. Nice to hear of a feature that actually was as advertised.

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