Confined Space

Confined space equipment allows the worker to be tied off and safety connected when working underground or in difficult to access areas. Davit arms allow a worker to be suspended or anchored while working below the surface. Tripods work well as tie off points when the worker will not need to be suspended at any point.

Tripods are lightweight and portable without sacrificing strength and durability. Setup is quick and easy, requiring only one person. Here are some good ones available:

The 9 ft. Miller Aluminum Tripod is the ideal anchorage connector for typical confined space and rescue systems.

The DBI-Sala Lift II Tripod Rescue System includes a 7' tripod and a Salalift II winch for a complete system to raise and lower personnel in and out of confined space.

Portable davit arm and base is a versatile alternative to a tripod. Multiple bases offer easy set-up and flexibility. Check out a few options:

Miller Fall Arrest Post Davit Arm is a durable accessory designed for the Miller Fall Arrest Post adds a davit arm for raising/lowering personnel and equipment in confined space settings.

The French Creek Complete Davit System can be mounted in locations where conventional Tripods or Quad Pod Systems are impractical to use. It includes a retractable unit and winch.