Flat Rooftop Anchors

Not too long ago we had a question about using an anchor on a flat rooftop.

The Guardian Snappy Disposable Anchors cannot be laid flat. Here is the answer why from Guardian:

The Snappy’s have a much thicker gauge material and can fatigue when bent flat.

So if you've got a spot that calls for a flat anchor, try something hinged like the 3M Reusable Roof Anchor. It can be installed on any angle including flat surfaces.

Or an even smaller option is the DBI-Sala Reusable Steel Rooftop Anchor - it's got a nice D-ring to clip into and gives you the flexibility to move it and reuse it across your roof surface.

You can also choose something use a swivel cradle like the Guardian Screw Down Anchor because when used with a retractable it gives you full range around your flat surface and keeps you moving to get work done.

If you have a question about how an anchor can be installed don't hesitate to contact us to find out!