Statue of Liberty

Did you know that it was on this day in history that France gave us the Statue of Liberty... And if National Treasure 2 has taught me anything, there is another one if France that we don't talk about very much. The point? Giving spectacular gifts. Unfortunately, we don't think about giving fall protection as a gift. Or Do We?

Over the past couple of years working with fall protection, as every holiday season approaches, I find myself pondering the validity of fall protection as a gift. And you know what? It can be one hell of a gift.

It may come as a shock to you, but some construction workers enjoy what they do. Imagine that huh? And the more I put myself in their steel-toed shoes, it occurred to me... I would love to get a comfortable harness as a gift if I loved my job.

Sure, you may think a bucket of safety would be a great gift, but a Roofing Kit certainly doesn't have any bells and/or whistles. It's a basic starter kit. Imagine giving Tiger Woods a beginner's set of golf clubs. He doesn't want that, he's beyond that. He wants the good stuff. I think it's the same for construction guys that like their job. They want a harness they can be comfortable in. One that costs a little more, one they wouldn't buy for themselves.

So, with the holidays fastly approaching and birthdays occurring daily, I encourage you to look at the option of fall protection as a gift and check out our harnesses. Am I making sense or have I fallen off the rocker?