OSHA Fines

One of the things I don't really cover on this blog is the day to day distribution of OSHA fines. It feels too much like the paparazzi for me, but I still think we can learn a few things from them.  The fines, not the paparazzi.

In the event that a company gets fined for failure to provide fall protection, I'd like to think that they learn from their mistakes. Unfortunately, I know that isn't always the case.

Heck, I could fill every page on this blog with examples of companies getting fined, but that doesn't mean companies will stay compliant. The roll call might even turn into white noise that no one pays attention to.

You can only beat a horse for so long... unless it's Mr. Ed and he starts yelling at you to stop.

The point? I found a blog that releases a weekly report of companies fined in Wisconsin. The shocking thing? There were a lot of companies that don't appear to be large operations. Does "Brett's Affordable Roofing" sound like a major operation to you? How about "Darrel's Roofing?" I didn't think so.

These companies were fined between $600 and $1,100 for various fall protection violations. I know that may be a slap on the wrist to some companies, but for me it isn't.

The weird part?

Most of these situations could have been solved at prices way below the cost of the fine. Remember, in addition to the fines, your company gets the free publicity entitled to organizations fined by OSHA. Not a great P.R. plan.