Chris Farley

You're big and you need a harness. No one's judging you. In fact, I applaud you for seeking out fall protection.  But being a heavier gentleman comes with its fair share of burdens. For example... What kind of fall protection do I need?

Well, let me start off by saying that some manufacturers claim to have harnesses rated at 400 lbs.   This isn't technically true.  Most harnesses support 310 lbs. of weight. What they should really say is that they support 310 lbs. of force.

Hell, the webbing that makes up most harnesses could support an elephant. You're not an elephant, are you? Didn't think so. The problem comes in when a 350 lb. dude falls. A standard lanyard cannot keep the arresting forces under the 900 lbs. required by OSHA. It has nothing to do with the harness.

What this means is that with the proper lanyard, your harness can be rated to handle 400 lbs. (This includes worker and equipment combined weight)

So what harness do you need? One that fits. Take a look at the harnesses that offer an XXL size. (Make sure you read the sizing charts)  For example, the Guardian Edge Series Harness.

As far as the lanyard are concerned here are your options...  the Guardian Heavy Duty Lanyard, the Guardian Monster Edge Lanyard, or the DBI/SALA Force 2 Lanyard.

If you've got a weight-related fall protection question, or you need advice on equipment that will work. Give us a call @ (888) 412-7289.