Festivus - Frank Costanza

Among other things, I am a huge fan of Seinfeld.   That would be the TV Show, not hillbilly speak for a fallen sign. As Christmas approaches, I'm reminded of the non-denominational celebration of Festivus. Therefore I'd like to air a couple of my fall protection grievances.

1. The term lanyard, and all of the dirty connotations that go with it. Insert dirty limerick here.

2. People outside of the fall protection industry who look at me with blank stares when I tell them I work with fall protection. Their confusion suggests I help people avoid the autumn season entirely.

3. How every manufacturer claims how durable their products are. It has been said so much, I think it's losing it meaning. We get it. You make strong products.

4. That people will never see the true value of guardrail systems over personal fall protection. Trust me it makes sense in so many ways.

5. Being flagged by every regulatory body on the Internet, whenever you use the term Steel Erection.

Until next year, Happy Festivus!