Rambo Regulations

Hey there, it's time to go over some fall protection basics straight from the horse's crooked teeth. Here are SOME of the general fall arrest requirements from OSHA and ANSI

OSHA * Body belts are not an acceptable form of fall arrest. Seriously, the only thing body belts are good for are codpieces and superheroes.

* All of your snap hooks need to be locking. If you blow on your hooks and they swing open, you've got a serious issue.

* Anchorages (that would be your beam, roof, etc...) used for attachment of a personal fall arrest system must be able to support 5,000 lbs. per worker. No joke here.

* Fall arrest systems should be set up so that a free fall is limited to 6 ft. or less nor should they hit the lower level. Hitting the ground is usually frowned upon when using fall protection.

ANSI * Snap hooks and carabiners must be self-locking, self-closing, and self-cleaning... scratch the last one. Didn't we already go over this? Actually, we added carabiners to this tip.

* All of your equipment needs to be inspected before each use, and at least once a year by a competent individual. We've discussed competent people and inspection before.

* Before you pick out your fall protection system, inspect, assess, and take a look at the workspace conditions where the equipment is required. Um... duh?

There you go. Keep these tips in mind, or you might get fined out the ass.