Lanyard Regulations

In our series of brief introductions to the policies and guidelines from OSHA and ANSI... That sounds like it could be a kid's show doesn't it?

(Cue: Announcer Voice) "And now get ready for another crazy adventure with OSHA & ANSI in the Land of Lanyards!"

Here's what the have to say...

OSHA * Lanyards must have a limited breaking strength of 5,000 lbs. That is a lot of weight!

* Snap hooks must be sized to be compatible with the components they will be attaching to in order to prevent accidental disengagement. There is nothing worse than having a snap hook open up during a middle of a fall. Except maybe falling without protection.

* Shock Absorbing lanyards must limit the maximum arresting force on a worker to 1,800 lbs. when used with a body harness.

* Shock lanyards must limit the deceleration distance to 3.5 ft.

* Lanyards subjected to impact forces must be removed from service. I know some people get emotionally attached to their lanyards, but sometimes its time to put them down.

What does ANSI think?  ANSI believes that a fallen worker should only be subjected to 900 lbs. of arresting force during a fall. Which makes for a much cozier fall.

There you have it some basic guidelines to live by. Keep in mind that all of the lanyards available from our store meet the OSHA requirements.