Just a week ago, we worked with celebrities. Seriously, this isn't a joke, like when I said I met Wayne Newton at a Kinkos... (I still think it was him) Nope. This is the real deal. This is one myth that isn't bustable.

Well, in case the title of this post didn't give it away, we worked with the fine folks at Mythbusters. Yep, Fall Protection has provided fall protection equipment for the two hosts to be used on an upcoming episode on Duct Tape.

In case you aren't aware... Mythbusters is a reality television show that airs on the Discovery Channel. The point of the show? To prove or disprove the huge wealth of urban legends and myths floating through the ether of this country. The hosts, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, will be wearing equipment from Fall Protection

The million dollar question... What gear did they use?

Well, they specifically requested the DBI-SALA Delta II Construction Harness. They also ended up using 2 single leg stretch lanyards w/ a rebar hook from Guardian.

So, the episode is supposed to air in the summer. Keep an eye out for it. If you'd like more information on this equipment please contact us.