OSHA and Taxes

Today is tax day... Son of a... Mailed! Anywho, it's tax day. I wanted to take the time to make a brief announcement about fall protection and money.

Now, am I a certified public accountant? No. But I do know that legal fees, OSHA fines, and worker's comp cost money. In most cases, way more than the original equipment would have cost. Am I telling you this as a seller of fall protection equipment? No. I'm speaking with you as a fellow business owner.

I wouldn't want your business to fail because you chose not buy a couple of buckets of safety for your crew. Actually, I don't even care so much about you, but more for the people who work for you. If you go under, they lose their jobs. Sure, the economy sucks and you're not making as much money, but cutting corners doesn't pay.

Just imagine what your accountant would say if you brought him a $15K fine to buff out of your return?