Harness Buckles

Surprisingly, the buckles on a harness can be one of the determining factors on how easy a harness is to put on.  So, I thought I'd blow your minds with the skinny on the three most common buckle types available.  Get ready to choose wisely.

Pass Thru BuckleThe Pass-Through or Mating Buckle is the least expensive buckle out there and is most commonly found on low-end and entry level harnesses.  They usually consist of two metal plates that pass through each other to create a latch.  These buckles are usually the most difficult to connect, which can be frustrating.  However, the reduced cost can be very appealing when you just need something quick for compliance.

Tongue BuckleThe Tongue Buckle is the long lost cousin of buckle on the belt for your pants.  It should look pretty familiar, unless your strictly a sweatpants sort of guy.  (We're not judging)  This buckle is usually a bit more expensive than a mating buckle, primarily due to the extra hardware required.  This buckle has become popular because of its ease of use.   Another bonus is that it can be tightened efficiently, without having to mess with adjustable straps.

Quick Connect BuckleThe Quick Connect Buckles is the most expensive buckle on the market today, but it   also requires the least amount of effort to hook up.  If you've ever been in a car and used a seat belt, you have a pretty good idea about what a quick connect buckle is.  If you've never been in a car, I'm assuming this is your first time here, so welcome to the Internet! These buckles are extremely efficient to use, but if you want the Cadillac, you have to pay for the Cadillac.  

These buckles are usually found on high end harnesses. Any now you have a brief understanding of the buckles you'll find on almost every harness made.  If you have any questions, let us know!