Fall Leaves

We are fully engulfed in fall, and a lot of you are still working. Whether you're cleaning your gutters or installing a new roof the fall season brings its fair share of new hazards.

1. Migrating birds and their "presents" make you work area stinky, slippery, and just plain dangerous.

2. Violent squirrels from nearby trees pelt you with acorns, causing you to lose your balance.

3. Those fun-sized Milky Ways from Halloween have caught up with you and now your harness doesn't fit properly.


4. An early morning frost may make your work surface slippery and dangerous.

5. Tripping hazards become abundant when the beautiful colored trees begin to shed their foliage; leaves, twigs, and acorns are everywhere!

6. Less daylight in the fall means we may be working in the dark to try and finish up projects, making it hard to see our work environment.

7. When the thermostat begins to drop, sometimes we forget to take all of the proper precautions to remain safe because we rush to stay warm.

8. It is the start of the cold and flu season, so you may not be functioning at the top of your game.

Remember to always take a few minutes to inspect your work environment before you begin working. Also, dress appropriately for the cooler weather and take the time to use your safety equipment properly. If possible, try to start your job earlier in order to avoid working in the dark. Oh, and for heaven sake, watch out for those Milky Ways and Snickers! Grab a nutritious snack to take along with you for the day, such as an apple. It will help keep you healthy and trim, and trust me, your harness will thank you!

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