Permanent Retractable Lifeline
I've been getting some questions recently about using retractables permanently. While this isn't an ideal situation, mainly because of the cost of retractables, it's still required from time to time. If you're in this category, there are three things you'll want to pay attention to...

1. Lifeline Material - If you're using a self-retracting lifeline for some sort of permanent use, you'll want to make sure you're using a stainless steel lifeline. This the best defense against the elements and resists rust. You'll definitely want to stay away from a web retractable. Here are some stainless steel retractables.

2. Housing - In a situation like this, you'll want to look for durable housing. Making sure the outside is constructed of stainless steel or extremely durable plastic, such as the Miller Falcon.

3. Inspection - If you're using a retractable in a permanent situation, you want to be extra diligent with inspections. Always make sure your retractable is working properly. Retractables exposed to the elements face far more dangers than a retractable stashed in the back seat of a pickup.

Make sure you keep these things in mind if plan on using your yo-yo in a permanent setup. If you have any questions or concerns about your equipment, let us know.