Dual Leg Lanyards

Hey, what's the big deal with dual leg lanyards?  Did you know that dual leg lanyards can increase safety and provide increased mobility?  But how?   Enough questions, let's go over what's so special about dual leg lanyards.

The advantage of the dual leg lanyard is simple. With two legs you can stay tied off at all times. Imagine for a moment you're a steel erector working with two beam anchors. You're using two beam anchors because your work area is divided by a vertical beam. With a single leg lanyard, you would be forced to disconnect your lanyard to move from beam anchor #1 to beam anchor #2.

In this transition, you are completely unprotected. This seems (to me) more dangerous than some of the actual work you're performing.

A dual or double leg lanyard solves this exact problem. With a dual leg lanyard, you're able to stay connected to beam anchor #1, use your second lanyard leg to attach to beam anchor #2, and then disconnect the lanyard leg from beam anchor #1. It's a simple solution with life-saving implications.

So, if you do a lot of shuffling between anchors, you may want to consider a dual leg lanyard for your next connector purchase. Oh, and if you do go ahead and buy a dual leg lanyard, you may want look into a harness with lanyard keepers. You'll thank me later!