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Construction Harnesses

Construction Harnesses are the big daddy of the safety harness world.  These harnesses usually have the most doo-hickeys on them and are generally more durable and comfortable.  A construction harness often includes more padding, side d-rings, and a back pad/belt.  We have a wide selection of construction harnesses including popular styles like the ExoFit, AirCore, Revolution, and ComforTech.

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Look Cool, Be Safe

Anyone that’s ever watched some kind of military film or science fiction action movie is familiar with “that montage;” where it’s time for the heroes to gear up, put on some cool looking equipment and get ready to rock. Most of us are never going to live quite that same uber macho moment in real life, but sometimes, you can actually get pretty close. A construction harness is one of those times.

Safety equipment sometimes needs to be flexible in its functionality. You may be working on a job where you will be called to be tied-off and use side d-rings to comfortably work in multiple positions during the job. That means you need gear that can take the stress of your weight being applied to it from different directions, as well has having the d-rings to accommodate those positions.

Efficiency & Safety All In One

Older safety gear, while functional, was hardly efficient or comfortable. Often, a single belt with a d-ring was all that was used, meaning safety gear could only be attached at one point. This also meant that in the event of a slip and fall, the sudden stress and shock would be focused on only that one area, increasing the odds of a broken back or worse, even without much impact.

A safety harness for construction workers provides much more flexibility and comfort including a back d-ring, side positioning d-rings, and a comfortable belt for added stability.

Pick Your Look

We’ve got all of the major brands in price ranges that will fit any budget. DBI-SALA and Miller are two of the more recognizable names in this line, but we also have gear from MSA, Guardian and others.

We’ve also got different styles and looks. If you’re the kind of person that always looks good in black, we’ve got you covered. If you want something that makes you easy to spot, we’ve got some bright alternatives. When you’re looking for comfort, safety and the right color to go with your protection, we have it.

We’re Ready to Help

Not an expert on fall protection safety gear? You don’t have to be, because we are! We don’t just sell equipment, we make sure that the right gear goes to the right person for the job they need to do. Explain what your specific needs are for the job at hand and we can steer you towards the gear that protects you without getting in the way.

Once you know what you need, getting it couldn’t be easier. If you’re more of a phone person, drop us a line and place your order with our staff. If the Internet is your thing, just place an order through our website. We’ve got a bunch of different shipping options depending on how fast you want it, so pick the choice that works for you and we’ll get on it.