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Safe Approach Portable Beam Stanchion

Safe Approach Portable Beam Stanchion

Part Number: P-00041-1
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The Safe Approach Portable Beam Stanchion is an easy to install, durable fall protection anchorage point that can fit a wide range of beam sizes and excels as the anchor points of a horizontal lifeline system.

Easy Installation
This Safe Approach Stanchion attaches quickly to your beam with a chain assembly and two structural bolts. Pretty simple.

Fits Almost Anywhere
The Portable Beam Stanchion can be installed almost anywhere on a beam and can accommodate a flange thickness of 1/2” to 2-1/4” and a flange width of 8” to 32”.

Durable Construction
This stanchion is constructed of sturdy components, so you won’t have to worry about any web straps deteriorating, ratchets to break, or threaded rods to lose like other systems.

Stays Out of the Way
This Steel Beam anchor point mounts at a 19-degree angle, so it stays out of your way while you work. No one likes a clingy anchor point if you know what I mean.

Lifeline System
Two stanchions can be used to create the anchor points of a horizontal lifeline system that can protect two workers on a system up to 60 ft.

Single Anchor Point
The Portable I-Beam Stanchion can be a single anchorage point for one worker.

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SpecificationsTechnical Specs
Part Number: P-00041-1
Manufacturer:Safe Approach
Anchor Durability: Reusable/Temporary
Flange Thickness:1/2” - 2-1/4"
Flange Use:Top Flange
Flange Width:8" - 32"
OSHA Standards: Meets All Applicable

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