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Super Anchor CAL-OSHA Window Washing Anchor - 24"

Super Anchor CRO CAL-OSHA Window Washing Anchor - 24"

Part Number: 1403-G

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The Super Anchor CAL-OSHA Window Washing Anchor are fully pre-engineered CAL-OSHA Window Washing Anchors with zero deformation at 5,000 lbs. of force.

* This anchor features an 24" Riser Post and 12" Square Baseplate.

* CAL-OSHA commercial roof anchors are manufactured locally in the USA

    * These are 3rd party engineered anchors with 3rd party engineered attachment specifications

    * California has specific requirements for anchor points used for window washing suspension and buildings over 3 stories or 36’ tall. Every building constructed at those heights shall have roof tie-backs permanent installed at the roof level for the purpose of securing or tying back suspended scaffold hooks, clamps and safety lines. California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Article 5, Section 3291 mandates the inclusion of permanently installed anchor for the purpose of exterior building maintenance such as window washing.

    * Attaches to Wood, Concrete, Steel and Metal Decking

    ** Meets CAL-OSHA Title 8, section 3291 Roof Tie-Backs

    ** Meets IWCA 1-14.1 Window Washing Standards

    ** Engineering reports available upon request.

    SpecificationsTechnical Specs
    Part Number: 1403-G
    Manufacturer:Super Anchor
    Anchor Durability: Permanent
    ANSI Standards: A10.32-2012 Z359.1-07
    Fasteners:Not Included
    Height:Post 24 in.
    OSHA Standards: 1910.140913 1926.502