DBI-SALA D-Ring Anchor Plate Review

Today we'll be reviewing the DBI-SALA D-Ring Anchor Plate . It's a fairly inexpensive anchor solution with very little flare, but does the bare bones presentation lead to a purchase.  Let's find out.

DBI-SALA D-Ring Anchor Plate

Manufacturer: DBI/SALA Price Range: $30 - $40 (Scores out of 5)

Features: What's included? (3.5) Well, this anchor is pretty basic. What you see is what you get. It's small and convenient, but it is lacking fasteners. I don't like that. In its defense, getting the fasteners with you anchor can be a 50-50 proposition, and none of the comparable anchors include fasteners either.

Usability: How easy is it to use? (4.0) This anchor plate can be either bolted or welded to your structure. If you bolt your anchor, then installation should be a breeze. If you plan on welding it, you'll run into a little more headaches, because the welding installation requires a certified welder. This might not be a problem for some, but it is for others.

Durability: How long will this last me? (4.5) This thing is completely reusable, so you can use this anchor over and over again. It can also be used permanently, which is a nice feature. It's doubly nice because of the low price point. At $30 a piece, it's not going to break the bank if you leave an anchor like this in place.

Value: Is it appropriately priced? (4.0) The pricing of this anchor is pretty fair. That being said, it's hard to totally recommend when you can get essentially the same anchor from French Creek for half the price. But like all popular brands, DBI-SALA has a name you can trust. ____________________________________________________

Overall: 4.1

Our Recommendation Where do I clock in on this? Well, I find it hard to recommend this when I know there is a less expensive version available. But, I truly respect the DBI name, and in some instances that may be worth it to me. If I've got a boatload of DBI equipment or I'm bidding on a job that requires this part number, I wouldn't be ashamed to add this to my collection.

Have you used this anchor? What did you think?