Fall Protection Harness Regulations

Once again it is time for some regulation review. This week we'll be going over some basic regulations for fall protection harnesses straight from the brain trusts at OSHA.

Keep in mind that these are some basic regulations, and in no way cover the complete breadth of rules on fall protection harnesses from this super giant. Let's proceed.

OSHA: * Your d-rings should have a minimum breaking strength of 5,000 lbs. Basically, this thing should only break if your Aunt Marge puts all of her weight into it.

* The dorsal d-rng should be located in the center of the wearer's back near shoulder level. This comes into play with harness size. Make sure you've got the right size harness.

* Harnesses should be used only for employee protection. Don't get any ideas. Harnesses are not for stripping.

* Harnesses subjected to a fall must be removed from service. Seriously, kids, this isn't like Kleenex, you can't use it over and over again.

Are there any OSHA regulations that confuse the hell out of you? Let us know and we'll try to clarify them.