Fall Protection Inspection Rut

Today, on some weird-o's calendar it says "Old Stuff Day". What does that mean? It means to break out of your daily routine. Break from the norm and stop doing the same old things. Can this apply to fall protection? Good question.

The short answer... Hell yeah!

You may think this is going to be another post on replacing old gear... Well, it's not. (Even though you should!). Nope, this post is about spicing up your inspections. If that's possible.

Sure, you know you're supposed to inspect your equipment each time before use. But, when you're inspecting your gear every single day, it can become pretty routine. You might even cut corners and do it half-assed. Which may be fine when you shower in the morning, but not here.

I encourage all of you to spice things up today or tomorrow. Give your equipment the once over like a drug-sniffing labrador on the trail of narcotics or your neighbor's dog sniffing your crotch. Whichever is more thorough.

Make sure you're really looking at your gear and honestly inspecting it. It might make a difference, it might not. The point is to make sure your inspections don't fall in a rut.