Washington and Safety

There is no evidence to support that little George Washington cut down a cherry tree.  He may have lied... gasp! Another common myth is that Washington had false teeth made of wood. Not true. In fact, some of his dentures were made with human teeth... ewww? Although it is a fact he was our first president.

Being the first at anything can be extremely frightening and challenging. And being the first one to suggest and demand fall protection can be downright suicidal.

My father was a contractor for a good portion of his adult life. In fact, both of my grandfathers were carpenters. I guess it runs in the family. That being said my dad never wore fall protection. Probably because it wasn't a very big deal at the time. Hell, people were putting kids in the back of pickup trucks.

Flash forward 30 years... Hillbillies still put 3-year-olds in the back of their trucks, and some carpenters refuse to wear fall protection.

Why? Because it's hard to stand up to a grizzly boss and demand protection. You may get laughed at. Guys will call you a pussy. You may never live it down. BUT...

You'll still have your life.  I, more than most, know of the tough guy complex that rears its head into the construction world, and bucking that system can be tough.

It's tough speaking up, it's tough being the first, but if a liar with no teeth and a woman's wig can do it. I think you'll do fine.