What To Look For When Buying a Lanyard?

Buying a lanyard can be a tricky proposition. Therefore, we'll offer some quick buying tips for you to keep in mind when your hunting for your next connector.

* There are two types of lanyards... shock absorbing lanyards (used when the free distance is greater than 2 feet) and restraint or positioning lanyards (used only when a free fall distance can be limited to 2 feet or less).

* Make sure the lanyard is the proper length to provide all of the movement you need to get the job done... P.S. bigger isn't always better.

* Choose the right material for the job. Cable works best in heated and highly abrasive environments, while web lanyards work well in almost every other situation.

* Make sure you have calculated your total fall distance so you don't fall to the floor as a crumbled mass. That usually isn't good.

Hopefully, these brief guidelines will lead you right to the lanyard of your job site dreams.