Guardian Big Boss Extended Free Fall Lanyard Rebar Hook - 6 ft.

Part Number: 21301

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The Big Boss Extended Free Fall Lanyard with Rebar Hook is a shock absorbing lanyard designed to be used when no overhead tie off is available, and you must tie-off at your feet.
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* If there is no overhead tie-off option available, the big boss swoops in and allows you to tie-off safely at your feet or ground level. A lanyard like this comes in handy when the only available tie off above your head is the sun. (FYI, not a strong anchor point… see Icarus)

* The big boss lanyard can be used in up to a 12 ft. free fall and limit the arresting forces below 1,350 lbs. With a pillow soft landing like that, this thing may be to closest thing to a bungee jump on your job site, but seriously don't jump that would be stupid.

* If you've got some heavier folks on your job, the Big Boss lanyard san be used as a standard lanyard and accomodate workers between 310 and 420 lbs.

* The one inch nylon webbing is light and durable, so it won't wear you down and it will last.

* The clear shock pack on this doo-hickey allows for an easy inspection for a vast majority of the seeing population.

* The Big Boss comes standard with 3,600 lb. steel rebar and snap hooks

*** Meets or exceeds all OSHA standards for fall protection lanyards
*** Complies with the ANSI .13 Standard

*** This item does not qualify for free shipping ***

Part Number: 21301
Lanyard Hooks:Rebar Hook
Lanyard Legs:Single Leg
Lanyard Material:Polyester Web
Length:6 ft.
OSHA Standards: Meets All Applicable
Shock Absorber:Shock Pack

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