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Guardian Polysteel Vertical Rope Lifeline Assembly

Guardian Polysteel Vertical Rope Lifeline Assembly - 25 ft.

Part Number: 01310
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Light BulbPros Recommendation
The 25 ft. Polysteel Vertical Rope Lifeline Assembly is ideal for damp or wet environments and is resistant to abrasions and Ultra-Violet light damage.

UV resistant lifeline lasts longer
- This vertical lifeline is UV resistant, which means it won't deteriorate or lose strength from the sun's ultra violet rays. Needless to say, it doesn't tan well. However, your lifeline will last longer and you won't have to replace it as quickly or at all.

Won't lose strength when wet
- The Guardian vertical lifeline does not absorb water, therefore it stays stronger in wet and damp environments (like fungus). In fact, ropes that absorb water can become 15%-20% weaker. This rope lifeline is comfortable in any environment so you'll spend more time getting your work done and less time worrying about the weather.

Extension lanyard makes adjustments easier
- The extension lanyard attached to this vertical lifeline keeps your positioning device (rope grab) close to your waist for easy adjustments. And because you're positioning device is right by your side, you won't be fidgeting like a jack ass near the edge of a roof.

Shock Absorber for fall arrest applications
- There is a shock absorber at the end of this vertical lifeline for fall arrest applications so you can work near edges and get your job done safely. Now, if you do fall, the shock absorber makes it feel like a punch to the stomach instead of a shotgun blast to the stomach. I've felt the first, I have no desire to feel the second.

Positioning device increases mobility and security
- The positioning device (rope grab) lets you move seamlessly down your lifeline so you can keep your mind on your work instead of the pulleys, whips, and chains (equipment) behind you. If a fall does occur, the rope grab locks in place and keeps you from face planting onto the level below.

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SpecificationsTechnical Specs
Part Number: 01310
Attached Lanyard:Yes
Length:25 ft.
Lifeline Capacity:One Person
Lifeline Material:Blue Poly Steel
Lifeline Termination:Snap Hook
OSHA Standards: Meets All Applicable

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