Guardian Snappy Disposable Anchor (Pack)

Part Number: 00711

Count: 8 Pack
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These handy roof anchors are sold in cartons of 8 or 25, fit any pitched roof, install easily into the truss with provided fasteners, and are completely disposable.
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* Available in Bulk
The Guardian Snappy Disposable Roof Anchors come bundled in pack of 8 or 25, which brings the per anchor cost down to $6.25 for the 8 pack and $6.00 for the 25 pack. These anchor bundles make it easy to have the anchors you need the second a new jobs starts.

* Fits Any Pitch Roof
These disposable anchors will fit any pitch roof, except flat, and you can rest assured that you'll be ready when your next job pops up on the calendar. There's nothing worse than having a whole bunch of useless anchors hanging around.

* Simple Installation
This roof anchor installs easily through a sheathed roof and into a rafter or roof truss. Heck, it even shows you where to put the nails! The dumbest guy on the job could install this thing.

* Disposable Anchor
Guardian Snappy Anchors are designed to be used once and that's it. Finish your job and move on. There's no need to gingerly take this anchor down and make sure it's ready for the next job, because it's not coming with you. Set it and forget it.

* Easy Disposal
Once you're done with this roof anchor, all you have to do is hammer over the top attachment point and install your shingles right over the tip. Don't pay guys to stand around removing nails from your safety equipment. They probably have better things they could be working on.

* Includes Fasteners
The Snappy Anchors include all the fasteners you'll need for proper installation. No more trips to the hardware store hunting for that perfect nail. You're all set and ready to get onto more important jobs.

** These anchors meet all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards for fall arrest.

*** This item does not qualify for free shipping ***

*** Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are unable to ship this item outside of the United States. ***

Part Number: 00711
Anchor Durability: Disposable
OSHA Standards: Meets All Applicable
Roof Penetration:Yes
Roof Pitch:Any Pitch
Wood Installation:Truss

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