Miller SkyGrip System for Steel Applications - 120 ft.

Part Number: SGS18/120FT

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The Miller SkyGrip System for Steel Applications includes everything you need to install a 120 ft. Horizontal Lifeline along a steel beam.
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* Complete System
The complete Miller SkyGrip Horizontal Lifeline System for Steel Applications includes everything you need to set up a complete and compliant lifeline system. The System includes stanchions, energy absorbers, a line tension indicator, turnbuckle, cable and hardware. The only thing missing is the kitchen sink, and that would just be stupid in a situation like this.

* Compact & Lightweight
The Miller SkyGrip system is compact and lightweight, which means it's easier to handle, faster to install, and out of the way when you're not using it. Stop wasting time on logistics. Getting your gear to the job site shouldn't be like navigating a freighter through the panama canal.

* One Person Installation
Not only is this HLL (Horizontal LifeLine) System easy to transport, it can be installed by one guy. One-person installation and takedown saves your company time and money so you can have the other guys on your crew doing something more productive like pondering perpetual motion.

* Two Point Adjustment System
The stanchions in this system have two adjustment points so you can get the perfect fit on steel beams with flange widths from 4 to 18 inches and up to 2.25 inches thick. This flexibility allows you to use your gear on a wide variety of projects so you won't need to buy a new system every time a new job comes along. Who has that kind of money?

* Single Point Anchorage
Not only do the stanchions in the Miller SkyGrip System work great as part of a horizontal lifeline system, they can also be used as a single point anchorage. Maybe on your next project you only need a simple anchor point that raises the connection point above your feet, this anchor can help.

* Tension Indicator
The system comes complete with a tension indicator so you can verify and maintain the proper tension of the system which ensures accurate fall clearance requirements. It also takes all of the guesswork and engineering out of the installation process. Maybe you're crew isn't that great with math. No need to worry.

* Stainless Steel Energy Absorber
The SkyGrip Energy Absorber that is included with this kit is compact, durable, and engineered to keep system forces consistent while reducing fall clearances. What does this mean in english? If your workers fall, it will be as gentle as possible.

* Zinc Plated Construction
The Miller SkyGrip System features durable zinc=plated construction that is corrosion resistant. With the increased durability, you'll enjoy a longer service life. In the meantime, your wallet will get fatter and fatter because you're not burning through equipment as fast as you used to.

* Low Profile Crossbar
The low profile crossbar of the stanchion that stretches across the beam reduces the tripping hazards that are commonly associated with beam anchors like this. Trust me, there is nothing more embarrassing that tripping over the anchor that is supposed to keep you safe… Awkward.

* Spans of 60 Ft.
This is a double span system that includes one intermediate stanchion. In addition the Miller SkyGrip system allows you to create a multiple-span system up to 300 ft. with each span between stanchions a maximum of 60 ft. Phew.. That's a lot of ground to cover.

* 4 Worker system
The 120 ft. Miller SkyGrip for Steel Applications lets you provide fall arrest for 2 workers for each 60 ft. span. For those of you keeping track at home, that gives 4 of your guys maximum mobility.

* Continuous Pass-through
When working in a multi-span system, the intermediate stanchions utilize a continuous pass-through design which allows your worker to remain 100% tied off while maneuvering through the entire horizontal lifeline system. This allows your crew to work safely no matter where they are in the system without having to attach and re-attach their connector.

* Interchangeable Bases
This system uses interchangeable bases which allows you to use the same stanchion posts for steel and concrete applications which reduces your investment and adds versatility. The bases for concrete are sold separately.

** Meets or exceeds all applicable OSHA Standards

*** This item does not qualify for free shipping ***

*** Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are unable to ship this item outside of the United States. ***

Part Number: SGS18/120FT
Length:120 ft.
Lifeline Capacity:Four Person
Lifeline Material:Galvanized Steel
OSHA Standards: Meets All Applicable

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