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Super Anchor Fall Arrestor Lifeline Assembly

Super Anchor Fall Arrestor Lifeline Assembly - 30 ft.

Part Number: 4034-30SG
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The 30 ft. Super Anchor Fall Arrest Lifeline Assembly uses the lightweight Super Grab to arrest a fall within inches even in the grimiest of conditions.

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* The 12 strand 30 ft. deluxe rope of this lifeline is normally used in salt water crab fishing and is rated for over 11,000 lbs. In not so many words… It will hold up on the most rigorous job sites.

* This lifeline system includes the super grab, a non-mechanical rope grab that is lightweight alternative to bulkier mechanical devices.

* The super grab slides easily along the lifeline and uses a Prussic knot which grabs within inches under the force of a fall. The real beauty is that this rope grab will maintain a grip on the lifeline even if the rope is wet, frozen, or caked with mud.

* This vertical lifeline's Super Grab will deform in the event of a fall to let you know that the unit should be replaced from service.

** Meets or exceeds all OSHA vertical lifeline standards when used according to manufacturer's instructions.

SpecificationsTechnical Specs
Part Number: 4034-30SG
Manufacturer:Super Anchor
Attached Lanyard:Yes
Length:30 ft.
Lifeline Capacity:One Person
Lifeline Material:Synthetic Rope
Lifeline Termination:Snap Hook
OSHA Standards: Meets All Applicable

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