Metal Roof

In a recent phone conversation, I spoke with a guy who was looking for fall protection anchors for several metal roofs. What did I tell him? Well, first I told him that I'd have to call him back because I was trying to get the wrapper off of my Laffy Taffy at the time... When I called him back I found out that his situation was quite common. What is the best metal roof anchor to buy?

Not an easy question to answer, but with my somewhat elevated intelligence, I think I've cracked the code. My answer? It depends... on a couple of crucial factors such as reusability, metal roof type, astrological sign, etc...

Let's tackle reusability, shall we? Simple question do you want your metal roof anchor to be permanent or reusable? Keep that in the back of your mind. A rule of thumb (What the hell does that even mean? Comment if you know) The rule of thumb is that a reusable anchor is usually more expensive than a permanent one. Why? Because if manufacturers know you can reuse it, you probably won't be buying another anchor for a bit, ipso facto they make less money. Now, like I said, keep that in the back of your mind.

The next issue... What kind of metal roof do you have? A standing seam roof? A pitched roof? Aluminum foil roof? (What are you Pee Wee Herman?)

With these two pieces of information, you can begin the selection process. Here are some examples...

If you've got a standing seam roof, please ask it to sit down and then think about the following options. Most standing seam roof anchors are reusable. Primarily because people with standing seam roofs are like people with asphalt driveways, they're weirdos... I mean they don' t like getting them scratched.

Two examples? Well, the Guardian Standing Seam Roof Clamp is a nice reusable solution that won't damage your roof. These usually cost around $280, but like I said it is completely reusable. The downside? It doesn't include a retractable lifeline, so that could add an extra cost.

The French Creek Rooftract Standing Seam Roof System, is a bit more expensive, about $1,350 Why? Because it actually includes the retractable, 50 ft. of it to be exact.

Now Doug, I don't have a standing seam roof, what the hell do I do? First, calm down Kimosabe. If you don't have a standing seam roof, you've got three quality options. All of them are permanent, however.

The first guy on the list? DBI/SALA offers the Rooftop Anchor that works on metal sheathing (the metal must be 22 gauge or thicker). It can also only be used flat, which sucks for those of you with pitched roofs. These guys will set you back around $320. The great thing about this anchor is that it can be used in a horizontal lifeline system, which is definitely a plus to have on the roof permanently.

Another product very similar to the last, the Guardian CB-12. Like the last anchor, the CB-12 is permanent, installs onto flat roofs, and it can be used in a horizontal lifeline. These galvanized beauties usually clock in at $315.

However, if you've got a metal roof that's 20 gauge metal or thicker, I'd recommend the Guardian SkyHook. That bad boy is available for pretty much any pitched roof (including flat roofs), it can be used in a lifeline system, and it's a permanent anchor. The kicker though? The under $100 price tag. Wow Wow We Wow. Definitely your best bang for the buck.  Definitely get this if it suits your needs.

Anywho, hopefully, we've helped you on your path to metal roof anchors. If you have any questions comment below. What is your favorite metal roof anchor? If we don't carry it we'll try to.