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Top Concrete Fall Protection Products

Posted by Doug Kotecki on

Well, we're back with another top ten list. This time we're counting down the top 10 concrete fall protection items. This was a hard list. In the past few years, a lot of great concrete anchors have debuted on the scene. So much so, there isn't a single harness on this list. Go figure. What is the best fall protection product for concrete construction? Find out.

10. Miller Techline Horizontal Lifeline System - Every good concrete construction site needs a horizontal lifeline system. The Miller Techline Horizontal Rope Lifeline System is easy to install, lightweight, and portable. It is available as a one or two person system at 30' or 60' long. Plus, concrete splatter should flake right off.

9. DBI Vertical Debris Netting - Keeping a job site's personnel and debris contained is a huge challenge. The Vertical Net Debris Containment System protects your worksite from falling debris and serves as a guardrail near building edges for your employees.

8. Guardian C-Slab Grabber - Sometimes the simplest solution to fall protection is a guardrail. The C-Slab Grabber is the quick and easy to install solution for installing guardrails during concrete decking operations.

7. French Creek Concrete Anchor - Putting an anchor into concrete shouldn't be difficult. This one isn't. The Concrete Anchor by French Creek has a stainless steel anchor plate, six-ply webbing, and a plated steel D-ring.

6. Guardian Parapet Anchor System - Do you need a single tie-off point or a guardrail? Who cares, get both in one. The Parapet Anchor System is a durable and reusable system that can be used to create a single point tie off anchor or a guardrail system.

5. French Creek Overhead Anchor - Getting a concrete anchor to work overhead can be a chore. Not anymore. This Concrete Anchor by French Creek is placed through a hole in the concrete floor, providing the workers on the lower level with an over-head anchor.

4. Guardian CB-18 Anchor - This thing is a beast. What's your CB handle? Mine is Thunder Bear. The CB-18 is durable roof anchor designed for concrete applications and is ideal for horizontal lifeline systems.

3. French Creek Column Anchor - If you're working with concrete, there are probably columns near you. Use them. The Concrete Column Anchor by French Creek is a reusable two-person anchor point for concrete columns.

2. Guardian Pre Cast Anchor - Working with precast concrete used to be a pain in the ass. And tying off to them? Forget about it. Finally, the reusable PreCast Hollow Core Concrete Anchor allows a single user to safely tie-off to precast concrete.

1. Guardian Concrete Anchor - This is what we call super easy Mr. versatile. The Concrete Anchor from Guardian is a reusable anchor point designed for use in cured concrete for single user connection.

There she is. Are there concrete fall protection products you can't live without? What are they?

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