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Fall Limiters

Personal Fall Limiters combine the shorter lengths of a shock lanyard with the stopping power of a retractable lifeline.  These handy little devices are as popular as standard shock absorbing lanyards anymore and we have a nice selection of personal fall limiters, including the most popular models such as the Turbo-Lite and Nano-Lok.

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Safety Can Come In Small Packages

Working high comes about through a lot of different circumstances. You may be doing some HVAC work that suddenly demands you need to be at a life threatening altitude, or maybe you’re just installing solar panels on a building and the roof is a long way up.

No matter what the line of work is, if you’ve got the kind of job that lets you see your house, even though it’s miles away, you’re going to want some gear to ensure that when the work is done, you end up going home, not to the hospital. A personal fall limiter can help.

It’s For Those Tight Spaces

A typical lanyard limits you to working at the length of the lanyard itself. This is where personal fall limiters differ, which allow you more freedom of movement while stopping a freefall faster.

The easiest way to think of these devices are like the seatbelts in your car. When everything is fine, and you’re moving slowly, a seat belt stretches and gives you “more belt” as you move around in your seat. However, as soon as you move suddenly—like in a collision situation—that sudden movement causes the seatbelt to catch and not reel out any more material. A personal fall limiter works in a similar fashion. Once anchored, it gives you complete freedom and flexibility, unless suddenly jerked, at which point, it catches.

Singles, Doubles, Take Your Pick

There should be no surprise there’s more than one kind of personal fall limiter. They’re made with different materials such as galvanized steel or polyester webbing. The lengths also vary from 6’ to 9’ and you even have a choice of what kind of hook you need for the job.

As far as brands go, we have a ton. Big names like DBI-SALA by 3M are here, as well as Miller, MSA, Guardian and many other brand names. The models vary between a single limiter, or a twin set if you want the flexibility to move between anchor points without disconnecting. You won’t have to worry when you use one of these devices to keep yourself safe.

The Right Fall Limiter for You

So which personal fall limiter is going to be the best one for the job you do? Does your job even need a personal fall limiter, or something else, like a vertical lifeline, and if so, how will you know? If you have these concerns, don’t worry, just ask us here at Fall Protection Pros and we can steer you towards the right gear for what you need to do.

Once you know what you need, it couldn’t be easier to get it. A quick order placed on the phone or online, and we can help you get the gear that you need whenever it is that you need it. Our inventory and delivery policies are flexible. We’ve got lots of shipping options to choose from.