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DBI-SALA Anchors

Fall protection anchors by DBI Sala for every job including residential, commercial, steel, and concrete construction.

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DBI-Sala Anchors

The Need for Quality Anchors

Without a high quality anchor securing your weight as you work high, getting the job done right will be the least of your worries. Whether it’s a new building, a bridge or a residential roof, having a solid base is the only way to work safely and efficiently with confidence. As part of a complete fall protection system, the anchors you use will attach to a workers’ retractable or lanyard and support his full weight should a mishap occur. One of the most trusted names in the fall protection anchor industry is DBI-Sala.

Why DBI-Sala?

If your fall arrest anchor has the name DBI-Sala on it, you can feel confident knowing that you’ve chosen an anchor that has been designed by a world-renowned brand. Fall protection equipment by DBI-Sala is created and perfected by certified engineers and technicians, with many patented designs in its collection. DBI-Sala anchors include high quality disposable, reusable, detachable and permanent roof anchors for a wide range of different work applications.

All of DBI-Sala anchors meet or exceed OSHA, ANSI and CSA requirements and standards, so safety is never an issue. The experts at DBI-Sala understand the engineering and characteristics of every type of roofing system, and we understand that you demand the very best when it comes to roof anchors, which is why carry so many DBI-Sala products. And don’t forget, if you don’t see what you want on FallProtectionPros.com, we can get it for you!

The Best of Both Worlds

High-quality products and exceptional customer service are the hallmarks of any great company, and at FallProtectionPros.com we have both. Not only do we carry the most respected brands in the industry, but we also have a sales and support team that will keep you coming back for more. There’s nothing quite like feeling as though you’ve been taken care of, especially when you’re purchasing products related to fall protection.

Our sales process is straightforward and simple, shipping is fast and flexible and our experts are always here to help you find the ideal products for your work application. Whether you have a question about which roof anchor attaches most securely to concrete or what our return policy is, you’ll get a fast and accurate answer every time. Let us help guide you through the process, contact us today and get the process started.